Rob Balducci's Lick of TheWeek - "The Song Writing Process" Part 3

This week Favored Nations Artist Rob Balducci continues his series on the song writing process. A unique look into how he goes about the business of writing his songs. This week he talks about the song " Of The Earth" from my CD "The Color Of Light".

The Rock House Instructor states on his you tube website, "The inspiration behind this tune comes from the book "Interview With A Vampire" and the character Lestat. After reading the book I was sort of put in a trance and thinking about this character and how it related to myself and other people. I found the character to be looking for and in search of a soul mate or companion that he wanted to spend eternity with. This relates to all of us and how we may or may not be looking for someone etc.. This concept of trying to use things in your life to inspire your song writing is a never ending process and you need to try and find things throughout your day that inspire or effect you and then in turn try and convey that feeling to your instrument."

Check out all of Rob Balduccis "Lick of the Week" videos at http://www.youtube.com/RobBalducci

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