Interview With Guitarist Marco de Cave

You never know who you're going to meet through your social networks these days. I have recently gotten to know a guitarist that I think has some top notch skills. An inspiring guitarist named Marco de Cave. No doubt some readers may have heard of Marco or seen a few of his videos from the competitions that he enters. He appears a quiet sort of guy in front of the camera but his guitar skills are anything from quiet. My curiosity got the best of me especially after watching him tear up the fretboard so I googled him to see what else I could find out about him. That basically lead to a few more videos. I sent Marco a message to see if he would be interested in an interview with me. He was more than happy to oblige.

Before I did this interview I really only knew 2 things about Marco, 1 he could shred guitar with the best of them and 2 he was from Italy. The interview was done via email for ease of communication (I don't speak Italian!) but I think we pulled it off OK.


Rock House Blog: Marco, tell the readers where you're from, are you involved with a band or are you a solo artist?

Marco: I'm from Italy. I play in a cover band that tours and play music in all the Italian territories but I also like to hit the road by myself occasionally and do work as a solo artist.

RHB: Was the guitar the first instrument you played?

Marco: No I actually started playing musically at the age of 10 by playing the flute. At age 15 I started playing the guitar.

RHB: Who were you influenced by musically when you were growing up?

Marco: For guitar there were 2 musicians/bands that I listened to when I was young that I feel pushed me into studying that instrument. Those were Iron Maiden and Yngwie Malmsteen. Soon after that I attacked the guitar by studying and gaining knowledge from books and I focused a lot on my skills. To get the knowledge that I wanted I studies guitar styles from as early as 400AD up though the many styles of today.

RHB: So, were you formally trained as a musician or are you self taught?

Marco: I actually have 2 degrees from 2 academies of modern music here in Italy. I also have a degree in composition. Currently though I feel I am more self taught.


RHB: What influences in music do you have currently?

Marco: Mainly from myself, That comes from my heart, from that inner part of me, and from my searches within myself, but it also comes from everything that encircles me. These influences today that I have don't necessarily come from or are about music.

RHB: You are magically thrown back in time and can play guiatr for any band you want to, who would that be?

Marco: King Crimson or Gentle Giant

RHB: Aside from speed and shred guitar, what other types of music do you like to play?

Marco: I enjoy playing all types of music. To be a well rounded musician you should study and play all types of music.

RHB: What do you feel is the key to becoming a better guitarist ?

Marco: The Key of C (ahahah). No seriously, the best advice I could give anyone would be "Don't think to the guitar or other guitarists but think only to yourself, your music and your creativity."

RHB: I assume you practice or play everyday. Do you have a routine? If so what is it? How often or for how long do you play each day?

Marco: I absolutely do not have a daily routine but the reason is because my guitar is always with me, all day long, we live together, we work together it is my life.

RHB: Tell us about your rig, guitar, amp, pedals, recoring device, etc.

Marco: It is really a simple amount of equipment:

- Pod X3 live
- My handmade guitar
- An old PC
- Cubase
- A little Behringer mixer
- My Sony Handycam

RHB: What's going on for you right now with your music?

Marco: I'm a guitar teacher, and composer, i play with my band and I collaborate with other groups…and all that stuff.

RHB: What future goals do you have as far as your music career?

Marco: My big goal right now is to publish my book "Quantic Guitar". I also have an album that I want to get into the works and I would like to have an instructional video produced in the future and to continue my musical research and express myself and my creativity.

Thanks Marco for taking time to sit down and do this interview. I wish you the best for your future.

To check out more of Marco de Cave's videos check out his You Tube page at http://www.youtube.com/cromadeva and you can fine him on Facebook at www.facebook.com/marco.decave

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