Chimaira - Drum Lessons via Skype From Andols

Picked this one up from www.chimaira.com

Andols will be testing out teaching drum lessons via Skype over the next 2 weeks, and again after our upcoming tour in the UK with Trivium. This is a chance for beginner to intermediate level drummers all over the world to work one on one with Andols from where ever is convenient for you!

The lessons will be similar to the in person ones done in Cleveland, usually split between focusing on hands and focusing on the whole kit (or just kick drum pads if noise is a problem). As long as you have either a web cam or a built-in one on your laptop, all you have to do is download Skype and the video to video interaction doesn’t cost anything.

If you’re interested, please contact Andols at drummerandolsherrick@yahoo.com. Be sure to add him on twitter, facebook, and myspace for updated information on this and other projects as well:


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