Rob Balducci - Lick of The Week "My Song Writing Process" Part 2

This is part 2 of a series on Rock House Instructor Rob Balducci's you tube episode on how he approaches writing a song. Part 1 of this series can be found here Rob Balducci - Lick of The Week "My Song Writing Process"

Last week Rob discussed the process he has for finding an inspiration to an idea and also coming up with a title. Rob said "This song is called "Shine" and the inspirations come from the concept of people in my life, throughout my life from a child into my adult years who have had an effect on me. It could be your parents form when you were little, to your childhood friends, your teachers in school, your music teachers etc.. this song is about how certain individuals have had an effect on my being, I called this there Shine, they Shine on me and there spirit or being stays with me throughout my life and it is possible for me to pass it on to others as well."

The Favored Nation artist added "This is more of an abstract idea then just writing about one person, but it is to show you that the possibilities of this type of writing are endless. In these LOTW's I will show you different inspirations and how they inspired me to write my songs and melodies."

"The main melody to this tune is in A mixolydian. But i was not thinking of this when I was writing it. I hummed the melody over the chords I came up with and then transposed it to the guitar."

If you like the tune of like Rob's style of playing you can check out more of him at www.robbalducci.com/

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