NAMM 2010 - VOX Series 33 solid-body guitars

The Series 33 instruments represent a dramatic breakthrough in price for a guitar of this quality. The VOX 33 solid-body guitars are available in both Single Cutaway (SSC) and Double Cutaway (SDC) styles.

Carved Construction
The signature VOX 3-D contoured body ensures impeccable comfort and fatigue-free playing, offering a natural fit either seated or standing. Elegantly carved top surfaces result in a distinguished look and a comfortable playing position. Easy access to the upper frets is provided by the deeply cut inverse heel joint. Position dot markers are placed both on the fingerboard and on the side of the neck for fast reference.

Quality Components
The 33 guitars use the same MaxConnect(tm) aluminum bridge as the Virage, offering extended saddle travel for flawless intonation with any-gauge string. Strings slide in from under the back edge of the bridge to make changing strings a snap. The full contact shape and light weight combine to deliver thick, rich tone with clear, singing harmonics. Our VOX Super Smooth tuners offer the 33 guitars enhanced tuning stability, so you can play with confidence. The mahogany necks are topped with rosewood fingerboards.

Uncompromised Tone
33 guitars offer a deep range of tonal choices. Our new CoAxe pickups feature two pickup elements; each delivers a unique and sophisticated tone, yet each one remains whisper-quiet. The passive analog tone circuitry offers both a Master Volume and a Master Tone control to re ne your individual sound. Logically laid out and easy to use, the controls allow fast changes during performance.

VOX Series 33 Specifications

* Scale Length: 638mm (25.125")
* No. Of Frets: 22
* Nut Width: 43mm (1.7")
* Bridge Pickup: Coaxe
* Neck Pickup: Coaxe
* Case: Deluxe Gig Bag

SSC-33 (single Cutaway) Available Finishes:

* Teaburst (ash Top/mahogany Body)
* Vintage Cream (ash Top/mahogany Body)
* Black (solid Mahogany)
* Goldtop (solid Mahogany)

SDC-33 (double Cutaway) Available Finishes:

* Teaburst (solid Ash)
* Trans Red (solid Ash)
* Black (solid Mahogany)
* Goldtop (solid Mahogany)

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