NAMM 2010 - Parker Guitars Introduces New Bolt-On DragonFly

Parker Guitars is pleased to announce the expansion of its newly introduced USA made DragonFly Series through the addition of a bolt-on neck with exclusive radial neck joint.

Through the addition of this unique neck joint, the neck is further stabilized, the guitar’s tone is enhanced and it allows for easier access to the upper frets. Because of the radiused neck, the joint has no flat, sliding surfaces that would enable the alignment to go off center. The superb fit of the joint allows better transfer of sound from neck to body than on a conventional bolt-on guitar and the contoured shape does not bulge at the joint so the feel is consistent all the way to the body.

Parker DF524MB

These Bolt-On Dragonfly guitars are available in three models: the satin finish DF524- street price $1499, the gloss finish DF624- street price $1799 and the flame top DF724- street price $1999. All three models feature a beautiful Alder body with maple neck, ebony fingerboard and stainless steel frets. Their undercut single coil routes make swapping out pickups from the single-single-hum Seymour Duncans (SSL6 single and TB14 humbucker) to another type easy. Controls consist of volume, tone (split coil), 5 way mag selector, 3 way mag/piezo selector to give the guitar its flexible voicing.

Parker DF624RB

Parker DF724BB

Parker Guitars is owned by US Music Corp, located in Mundelein, IL. US Music Corp is an international musical instrument company that manufactures and distributes products worldwide under the Washburn, Parker, Randall, Eden, and Oscar Schmidt brand names. US Music is a subsidiary of Jam Industries, Ltd.

Source: http://www.parkerguitars.com

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