Are You Ready For The One Song Challenge?

I was introduced via email to Brent who recently launched a unique online music contest called the One Song Challenge (www.OneSongChallenge.com)and here's the skinny on the competition.

The One Song Challenge is a unique online competition where contestants, who are musicians, are given one song to perform. Participants are free to interpret and perform the song any way they wish. They can choose any genre/instrument/tempo, transpose and make additions such as bridges and/or solos. All entries are posted on the site and the public chooses a winner.

I thought this was a pretty cool opportunity for musicians to get some extra exposure and being a....well...investigative kind of guy I called Brent to pick his brain a little bit about the contest. "I actually got the idea from watching Americas Got Talent" Brent said. "I was watching the show and I didn't think it was fair that someone would come out with a musical instrument and sing their heart out to end up getting out voted by someone that juggles or does a stand up routine. So I came up with the idea of just leveling the playing field for musicians." I think that Brent's idea has some good merit because everyone gets the same song and as a musician you can do whatever you want with it. You play it in your style with your voice."

Brent also added "there are no rules for the song its self, it just has to resemble the original song. But there are just a few rules for the contest."
  • Record your performance
  • Upload your video to YouTube with the title: "Together" - your band's name - One Song Challenge
  • Email us the following:  The link to your YouTube submission, your band's name and your town/city
  • Get it all done before the deadline of the contest.
A good example would be the winner of the last contest that just ended. Adrian Bilitch from Chino Hills, California did a great job. He played all of the instruments for the song, did the mixing and turned it into a real nice piece. You can check his performance out at this LINK

There is a new contest starting today. The song and details for the deadline will be posted on the site today so take a minute and check it out at www.OneSongChallenge.com. I'm looking forward to hearing some of the Rock House Members that can put something together  for the contest.

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