Rock House Member Kevin Kyle - "Crazy Train" (Cover) Video

Kevin Kyle is another long time member of The Rock House Community. Kevin has been playing guitar for most of his life. In this video he shows his guitar playing skills and techniques, giving  a huge dose of Crazy Train.

Kevin currently has a roster of over 50 students that he teaches guitar to in the Winona Lake, Indiana area. If you're interested hit him up on his facebook page at Kevin Kyle on Face Book


chris said...

What amp does this guy use?

Anonymous said...

here i think i am using my 5150 stack. i dont remember. if not i might be running thru my hughes and kettner switchblade,or if not i might be running thru my marshall lead100

Sarge said...

Thanks for clearing that up Kevin...lol

Anonymous said...

well when its a while ago and you have more amps laying around than you know what to do with....i'll plug stuff in and tweek around till i find something i like...and that tone i didn't particularly like but it was ok.