Rob Balducci - Lick of The Week "ILU -09-05" plus Bloopers

Rob Balducci has a new Lick of The Week.

This weeks Lick is track 14 "ILU 09-05" from his new CD Violet Horizon.

The Rock House Instructor and Favored Nations artist said on his web site, "The track ILU = I love you and the numbers after the title are my wife Carina's birth date. This was inspired by her. In many ways a lot of my material comes from people and things that are around my life all the time."

"At the end of the video are some outtakes and some bloopers, which I think are funny. We had to bleep them because I curse a lot lol... Special thanks to Steve and Thom Simonson for doing the filming and the sound. You guys Rock!"

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