Review - Rusty Cooley – Fretboard Autopsy (Level 1) from Shred-Reviews

I used to review the Rock House products here on the blog but there is something lost when a review is written by someone who is involved with the company.

I happy to this review that directed my way from http://www.shred-reviews.co.uk/ it's an honest review of Rusty Cooley's Fretboard Autopsy. The writer Dave give the Rock House DVD a 5 start rating, which we couldn't be more excited about.

Here's a snippet of what Dave had to say:

"Rusty has been a highly acclaimed player for some time and having already taken a look at some of Rusty’s other releases with CFH (here) I’ve been very keen to see his Rock House Method DVD series entitled “Fretboard Autopsy level 1” and of course “Fretboard Autopsy level 2.

"Let me remove one misapprehension straight away -- this is most definitely not a product for those simply wishing to develop their technique; Rusty has of course addressed the issue of technique in other DVD’video releases, and in many online instructional columns (see appendix A). Rather,  both these DVD’s are aimed squarely at developing a solid foundation of knowledge with which to navigate your way around the fretboard in both vertical and horizontal patterns."

Check out the rest of the review at http://www.shred-reviews.co.uk/metal/rusty-cooley-fretboard-autopsy-level-1/ and while your there check out some of Dave's other articles. He has a pretty good read.

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