JOB FOR A COWBOY & BEHEMOTH co-headline Australia/New Zealand Tour with GOATWHORE

JOB FOR A COWBOY & BEHEMOTH are teaming up for a co-headline tour in April 2010 that will take the bands through Australia and New Zealand. Opening the shows will be New Orleans black metalers, Goatwhore. Tickets will go on sale 9am Friday December 11th.

Saturday 10th April Transmission Auckland All Ages http://www.moshtix.co.nz/ 09 8897 849, Real Groovy and http://www.undertheradar.co.nz

Monday 12th April Capitol Perth 18+ http://www.moshtix.com.au/ 1300 GET TIX, http://www.bocsticketing.com.au/ 08 9484 1133, 78's http://www.78records.com.au/ 08 9322 6384

Tuesday 13th April Fowlers Live Adelaide All Ages http://www.venuetix.com.au/ 08 8225 8888, http://www.moshtix.com.au/ 1300 GET TIX

Wednesday 14th April Billboard Melbourne 18+ Ticketek 132 849, Missing Link 03 9670 8208, Billboard http://www.billboardthevenue.com.au/

Friday 16th April Metro Sydney All Ages http://www.ticketek.com.au/ 132 849, http://www.metrotheatre.com.au/ 02 9550 3666

Saturday 17th April HiFi Brisbane 18+ http://www.hifi.com.au/ 1300 843 434, Rocking Horse 07 3229 5360, Butterbeats 07 3257 3257, Sunflower Pacific Fair 07 5538 1850, Disasterpiece 07 5527 1706, Mosh Pit Music 07 5479 2777, Kill The Music 07 3012 7751, Gooble warming 07 3844 6006, Rockaway Records 07 3208 3771

Here’s what press has been saying about each bands’ new album: GOATWHORE“the band’s tightest, most guitar-driven offering to date. An unholy smorgasbord of rigid tempo shifts, gargantuan hooks, blasting black mass anthems, and Falgoust’s soot and venom snarl...” Decibel Magazine

“Their most varied record to date. Songs sear with an old-school, punk propelled urgency that comes from years of Motörhead, Venom, and Hellhammer worship.” 4/5 Revolver Magazine

“some of the purest metal that 2009 will bear witness to.” Outburn Magazine

“This is the catchiest album Goatwhore have ever released.” MetalSucks.net

“Carving Out The Eyes Of God is one of our top-3 releases of 2009. Hands down.” TheGauntlet.com

“The 10 track could make even the most stubborn Nordic black metal fans squirm, as the stabbing and slashing guitars and Ben Falgoust’s dark sermon growling never have sounded better.” The Daily News McKeesport

“GOATWHORE have gone above expectations this time around...destined to be their version of The Blackening by MACHINE HEAD for their genre as they have perfected their art and this album will turn up in many ‘Best Of’ lists for 2009!” perfect 10/10, SMNnews.com

“Carving Out The Eyes Of God represents GOATWHORE immediately at their most lethal and unconventional and comes with high recommendations.” MetalEater.com

“heavier and even more blasphemous” 3.5/4 skulls, Fangoria.com

“Goatwhore finally captured the power of their live performance on disc...by far the bands best effort to date.” GASPetc.com

BEHEMOTH “stripped-down and explosive” About.com’s #2 album of August 2009

“Behemoth are unstoppable.” DecibelMagazine.com

“their ultimate masterpiece” 4/4 skulls, Fangoria.com

“a true masterpiece” Ultimate-Guitar.com

“They’re just as violent as they’ve ever been, and have become masters of synergy in ways lesser bands will never come close to achieving.” MetalReview.com

“It sounds like it took heartfelt effort instead of simple force and rage alone, but at the same time refraining from treading into overdone, hokey self-consumption. It brings on an almost physical reaction rather than just an aural sensation, and that’s very commendable.” MetalReview.com

“Behemoth produce some of the most technical, intelligent, and turbulent Metal available in today's market...they're firmly cemented among the extreme Metal elite.” Metal-Rules.com

“Intelligently manifested, well-researched works…nine albums into his mission, Nergal’s inner flame is nowhere near extinguished, which can either be a terrifying or tantalizing thought.” The Daily News McKeesport

“If these guys aren't the current kings of extreme metal, I don't know who is.” 10/10, Live-Metal.net

JOB FOR A COWBOY “Ruination mixes tech-death precision with expressionist hardcore rage quite ably, and marks Job For A Cowboy as a band fully deserving their success.” 4/5 stars, Alternative Press Magazine

“Ruination, their sophomore full-length, sees Job For A Cowboy out to silence their detractors with sheer blunt force trauma, every track precisely honed and crushingly heavy in execution.” Outburn Magazine

"JOB FOR A COWBOY just keeps getting better and better.” The Onion

“It’s frightening, dangerous and short, and instead of just throwing sh*t against the studio wall and seeing how it sticks, JFAC are actually art-chitects of a technical and transgressive style of music.” ultimate-guitar.com

“…riffs and pummeling double-bass rhythms combine the intricacy of Decapitated with the raw fury of Darkest Hour.” AltPress.com

“an extremely well written and powerful album of pure Death Metal dominance.” Fangoria.com

“they came out like a 'roid-ragin' cage-fighter with "Ruination"; a far more focused and schooled effort than its predecessor.” Blabbermouth.net

“As with any band, it’s great to be able to blast ahead at breakneck speed, but knowing when to pull it back, find the hole, and fill it with something tasteful is when a band truly learns the art of songwriting and the young lads of JFAC have learned this at an early age.” SMNnews.com

“Ruination is a much more violent effort than Job for a Cowboy's debut.” Live-Metal.net

“with Ruination, Job For A Cowboy’s musical prowess has caught up with the hype.” about.com

“Ruination is 100%, grade-A death metal.” MetalUnderground.com

Source; Job For A Cowboy My Space

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