Harmony Central Hacked

I just received an email from our friends over at Harmony Central. Rock House realizes the importance of these kinds of events and wants to help Harmony Central anf their members by spreading the word about what their members should do in response to this event.

In a nut shell it seems someone without authorization temporarily gained access to the Harmony Central site. That person or persons also gained access to their stored member information, which includes e-mail addresses.

Harmony Central is advising all of their members to reset their passwords as soon as the site becomes available again. They also advise "as always, please remain cautious when responding to e-mail communications. Please remember – no one from Harmony Central will ever ask you for your password or log-in information. No one from Harmony Central will ask you for a credit card number, or Social Security number, or anything of the sort. If you ever receive any message supposedly from Harmony Central asking for that or any personal information, note the sender, delete the email immediately, restart your computer, and alert us to the situation. Never click on any links or attachments contained in an email of this type."

Keep checking at www.harmony-central.com for more updates.

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