Guitar Lesson - Arpeggio Cannon

Arpeggio Cannon

By: Professor Jim Rutkowski

In this lesson I am going to show you how to use string skipping arpeggios to shred the chord progression to Pachabels Cannon in D. This not only is a killer way to play Cannon in D, but it is a great warm up routine for the left hand. I play this daily during my warm up session to get my little digits moving.

In this exercise I use hammer ons and pull offs to create a cool rhythm when skipping strings and each chord uses a similar pattern playing through the arpeggios that you will be able to play much more effectively once you have it memorize. Try using similar techniques in your playing or soloing by isolating certain chords within the progression and create string skipping arpeggio patterns over them.

Professor Jim’s words of wisdom…get the Major and minor Arpeggios under your fingers slowly, and keep the pick constantly alternating,and then put on a metronome and work up to a shred speed slowly.

EX1.Root first and fourth Major Arpeggio

EX.2Root Second and fifth Major Arpeggio

EX.3Root first and fourth minor arpeggio

EX.4Root second and fifth minor arpeggio


There are 9 tracks that are available for download to go with this lesson at www.rockhousemethod.com

Downloadable Audio Tracks:
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1. Introduction
2. Guitar Tuning Notes
3. Walk Through
4. Example 80 BPM
5. 80 BPM Backing Track
6. Example 100 BPM
7. 100 BPM Backing Track
8. Example 120 BPM
9. 120 BPM Backing Track

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guitar speed said...

This is very challenging an excellent. Great for working on those string skips too - thanks for this awesome contribution!