Did You Get A Rock House Method DVD For Christmas?

No doubt there are a lot of budding musicians that received their first Rock House Method DVD for Christmas and I'm sure there may be some who have a lot of questions about the lesson support that comes with the instructional DVD.

First thing you need to do after you get done reading this post is to go to www.rockhousemethod.com and sign up for your free membership. After you log on as a member, click on the lesson support site button, which will take you to a page where you can find the Rock House product you have. Click on your product and you will find all the additional information and bonus lessons that is talked about on your DVD.

While your there you will also see a button that takes you to the "Ask The Teacher" section. This area is chalked full of answers to many of the questions you will have while learning.

Lastly get involved with the Rock House Forums. With over 180,000 registered members there are many who can help you out with advice or answer questions you may have with your learning or skills. The forum is one of the best in the business. It's family friendly and no one is ever put down or looked down upon because of their playing ability. You will find people there who are absolute beginners as well as some of the most advanced players in the industry.

Have fun and good luck, I look forward to see you at the main site.



Stormy Maverick said...

I didn't get a Rock House DVD for Christmas, but I think this is an awesome post. Maybe we need something like this on the forums to answer a few freqent questions!

Joe P. said...

Sarge, Great post. Stormy you are correct, I just posted this as a news story on the home page and in two places on the forums.