The Weekend Read November 14th - 21st ; Guitar Lessons, Articles and More

The Rock House Blog Weekend Read is published every Friday or Saturday and is filled with links to the best articles from around the web. Articles include guitar lessons, guitar bass guitar news, guitar playing tips and tricks and just some plain old good reading.

The Classical Guitar Blog - When I wrote Fun with p i m, it was something I was experimenting with...A Right Hand Routine

Strat-O-Blogster - eBay seller giantguitars is the maker of Mojo Picks, produced from pre-1964 US silver coins, as well as few PESO picks. After 1964, American silver coins switched from 90% silver to nickle clad copper. So basically, all Mojo Picks are at least 90% silver...Silver Coin Guitar Picks and Holders

Shred This Way - If you are a Eric johnson fan and by some chance also happen to be a Dunlop jazz iii pick fan.. this is a big treat for you...Eric Johnson Dunlop Jazz 3 pick review III

Share My Guitar - G.A.S. – Guitar Acquisition Syndrome. Like the intestinal discomfort those far more childish than myself (ahem) may associate with this term, many of us suffer from its condition...I DON’T HAVE GAS!

Play Guitar Like a Girl - I sincerely hate shameless self-promotion as much as anyone (really, I do!). But because the kind interviewers below took precious time out of their one lives to talk to yours truly, it would seem ungrateful of me not to pass on links to their work...Shameless self promotion - recent interviews with LL

Not Playing Guitar - Does your guitar practice feel like a tiresome series of drills, exercises and long repetition of mistakes? If so then finding ways to inject some fun into your practice will benefit you...7 Ways to Make Guitar Practice Fun

Marks Guitar Blog - This weeks lesson is what I call a "Goodie Bag" lesson.  I have a batch of licks or ideas that are loosely connected, but each can stand on their own...do all or part of the lesson!...Blog Rewind - Hybrid Picking, Walking Basslines and Double Stops 

John Horn - Guitarist - I’m proud to have the opportunity to work with the music therapy students and faculty at Ohio University. The following is from Ohio University’s newspaper, The Post...Music Therapy Relieves O’Bleness Patients

Jason Shadrick - Guitarist - Truefire.com contacted me recently and asked if I would be interested in reviewing one of their products. They sent me 50 Jazz Licks You Must Know by guitarist Frank Vignola. I have seen some of Truefire’s earlier material and thought they were cool, so I agreed to check the new stuff out...Review: 50 Jazz Guitar Licks You Must Know

I Heart Guitar - I’ve reviewed a few excellent Cole Clark acoustics and electrics over the years (like this Guardian, for instance), but when I opened up the case for this baby I was pretty gobsmacked...REVIEW: Cole Clark Culprit 3

Guitarz - Orfeus Hebros Bass from Bulgaria

Guitarkadia - Back in May I spent two afternoons with NY-based singer/songwriter Craig Greenberg. This session came out of our second meeting where Craig talked about playing guitar, writing, and performed two songs. Interview from day one will be up Monday...Craig Greenberg Session

Guitar Player Zen - For a while I had been just giving guitar lessons, playing some gigs, and working part time advising a mid sized marketing/firm here in Dallas.  It was a lot of fun and even though I wasn’t making much money, my expenses were low, and I was really enjoying everything...When You Don’t Know Where to Go, Just Move Forward

Guitar Noize - Quick disclaimer, I am an authorised dealer for Mad Professor effects for Australia and New Zealand so my views could be considered biased. With that in mind I will just list factual information about this pedal below and let the demo above do the talking... Demo: Mad Professor Mighty Red Distortion

Guitar Answers - Read this article by Steve Albini and you just may not want that record deal.In fact,just take a look at breakdown of the expense sheet and....you would be stupid to sign that contract.This is the cold truth about some and most record deals....Want A Record Deal

Freekbass' Blog - DJ Logic, keyboardist Steve Molitz (Particle, Phil Lesh & Friends), and Freekbass are putting together a project to tour late winter/early spring 2010...Molitz, Freekbass & Logic Form New Band, You Can Name It! (JamBase.com)

Electric Guitar Trends - Here are current values for some vintage Fender amplifiers. These prices are for amplifiers in excellent condition...Vintage Fender Amplifier Prices

Double Bass Blog - I’m pleased to announce that the first annual Chicago Bass Festival will be taking place on Sunday, February 7, 2010 at Ravinia’s Bennett-Gordon Hall in Highland Park, Illinois from 9 am – 5 pm....Chicago Bass Festival to debut 2/7/10

Dolphinstreet Guitar Gear Blog - I sometimes end up in discussions with guitar players about playing and learning how to play, and I have noticed that some players who have been playing for a while often frown on learning guitar licks or copying other players ideas (often referred to as transcribing, especially when the notes are written down)...Is learning guitar licks bad?

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