Living Colour wants You To Make Their Next Video

The members of Living Colour are reaching out to all VJ's, Videographers, Animators, Projectionists and Techies. They have announced a hell of an opportunity for anyone who has the ability to put some visual interpetation into the songs off of theor new CD "The Chair In The Doorway."

According to the band they want you to listen to their new album show them what your visual perceptions are of the songs. You can pick any song from the album and create a visual, photographic, animated, computer animated, etc video for any song and UPLOAD IT! This could wind up as background for our visual portion of the show OR we could use it for our next music video!

Then join and upload the video to : http://vimeo.com/groups/thechairinthedoorway

This should be very interesting and I will keep everyone up to date on things are going with this project.

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