John McCarthy - Who Are The Top 100 Metal Guitar Players?

The Creator of The Rock House Method, John McCarthy, is reaching out to the Rock House Community as well as all metal guitar fans in a quest to compile the newest and best list of the 100 best metal guitarist.

In a message post in the Rock House Forums John asked the members to help him with the list.

"OK guys I'm going to ask you for some help here. I recently went searching the web for lists of the top metal guitarist and got so frustrated with some of the guitarists they included and most importantly the ones they didn't include! So I had this idea who better to choose the best metal guitar players then the people who listen to metal music all day and make it a part of their life "The Rock House Family" not some wannabe who thinks they know everything about music!
So here is what I am asking you, if everyone can put the word out to tell people to pick 20 of your favorite metal guitarists post them here and also email them directly to me at jm@rockhousemethod.com I will personally construct a real list with all your picks. Who knows with our partnership with some of the top Guitar magazines maybe we can ask if they would post it in a future issue (no promises on this but you know Joe P and I we can be  real persistent)
So come on guys send me some metal players that melt your ipod players!!!"
John McCarthy   JMAC
 You can also post your list in the comment section here on the blog and I'll make sure your list gets to Jmac.

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Steve Belong said...

Excellent topic John. Man there are a ton of great guitar players out there, it's hard to narrow it down to just a few. I personally like a lot of the older players like Rick Emmett, Frank Gambale, Jason Becker, Paul Gilbert, Greg Howe, Tony McAlpine, Marty Freedman,Rob Marcello, Yngwie Malmsteen. That's just to name a few. I think it will be interesting to see what everyone comes up with. :)