Update Of The Latest Rock House DVD Shoots

Rock House Method guitarist, technician and program editor Anthony Lawrence sent an up-date out on his my space site about what has been going on at the hose that rocks lately. From the sounds of things they have been busy shooting a batch of new instructional DVD's that are going to have some killer content for guitar and bass players.

Anthony wrote:

Jeff Loomis came to town over the summer and shot a DVD that is loaded with content that will take your guitar playing to a new extreme!!! I'm working on transcribing his tabulator and I must say he is NUTS 7 string sweeps, insane diminished riffs galore and all kinds of goodies will be in his lead guitar program!!! My playing is being challenged and taken to a new level just by doing this work!!

Next up was Gary Hoey! Gary is a totally awesome dude!!! One of the nicest musicians I've met through Rock House and totally funny as well! He shot some instructional guitar programs for us and we also shot some hilarious preproduction and commercial stuff!! You will be seeing this stuff in the near future. I also had the chance to hang out with Hoey at his show in Providence, got some awesome footage and pics. He was awesome live and we had some fun times hangin after the show!!!

When Gary was done shooting his program we had Rob Balducci stop by for a visit and we shot some of his performance pieces for his programs. Rob's a siiiiick player loads of feel, solid player definatly one of the names you will be hearing alot from in the near future! We still have to shoot his program but from what ive seen through his performances hes gonna have some awesome content!!!!

We have had quite a busy month of october for sure!

We had Eric Peterson from Testament stop by and shoot his guitar instruction program. He is a really cool dude and solid player! His program is more focused towards metal rhythms and making melodies. It was a lot of fun to work with him, Testament is one of the best bands that is still around from the 80s and this is the comeback band of the year. He told me that Testament is working on a new albumn and I cant wait to hear their new tunes!!

After Eric was Rob Balducci. He had a quick stop a few weeks back to shoot his performance pieces but this time it was serious. I was a cameraman during the majority of his shoot and he did a really really good job. Rob is one of those players that doesnt just shred but has a great sense of melodicism and is a tremendous feel player. It was really fun to work with him, and I got the chance to jam with him a little bit on the set.

After Rob came by we had John Moyer the bassist of Disturbed come in. John was so prepared and blew us all away with how fast he finished shooting his programs! Defiantly a true professional and nice guy for sure.

Right after John Moyer we shot some bluegrass programs with Dick Neal! these programs are so different than what we are used to doing here at RH. it was certainly fun to change it up a bit.

Til next time

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