Rob Balducci's Guitar Lick Of The Week - Track 8 Choke from the CD Violet Horizon

Rob Balducci's LOTW features the solo break section to his song "Choke" from the CD Violet Horizon.

The Rock House Instructor and Favored Nations Artist said on his web site "We had a fun time filming this one, like all my solo's this was just improvised and I tried to keep it as close as I could to the improvised solo on the CD. As with most of my recordings the solo's and sometimes the whole tune is improvised. This keeps for a very spontaneous feel and keeps it interesting. After each CD, I have to go back and relearn my tunes (laughs). This tune is basically about how sometimes I keep things bottled up inside and then when I get to a boiling point I kind of just explode. I think we all sometimes go through this and can relate."

For this song Rob uses his Ibanez S Series 24 fret LAC guitar and his Cornford MK 5011 head. The wah you hear is his Morley Tremonti.He also uses a Digitech Whammy 1 pedal.

Check out more of Rob Balducci's LOTW at http://www.youtube.com/user/RobBalducci

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