Paul Bostaph of Slayer and Testament Joins HAIL!

The all-star band, HAIL! is at it again.  Fresh off their sold out tour of Scandinavia, they announce the blockbuster news that heralded drummer, Paul Bostaph (SLAYER, TESTAMENT), will be joining them for their upcoming dates in November and December.

Bostaph will be joining bassist David Ellefson, singer Ripper Owens (former JUDAS PRIEST, current YNGWIE MALMSTEEN) and guitarist Andreas Kisser (SEPULTURA) in what could be the most iconic metal line-up ever.

Asked how Paul Bostaph came to play with HAIL!, Ellefson eagerly replied “After Jimmy DeGrasso became unavailable due to his touring commitments with ALICE COOPER, Roy Mayorga came aboard and just slammed for us. His playing throughout the Scandinavian dates was unbelievable, but now he’s heading back into the studio with STONE SOUR,=2 0so he’s unavailable for the next round of shows.  We immediately thought of Paul.  With Alex Skolnik out playing with TRANS-SIBERIAN ORCHESTRA a small window opened in the TESTAMENT schedule where Paul became available and we jumped at the opportunity.”

Kisser chimed in, “Come on, he’s Paul Bostaph!  Think about it, he’s played with three of the greatest thrash bands of all-time, SLAYER, TESTAMENT and EXODUS. What symbolizes more of the spirit of HAIL! then that?! It’s an honor to play with him.

Ripper continued, “Our goal is to make every HAIL! show a special once-in-a-lifetime event.  We strive to make every show different and no two shows have been the same.  Look at our set lists on this last run, we must have played 15-20 new songs and half of them we never even rehearsed!  I even played a guitar solo one night!  We had guest jams with friends from DIMMU BORGIR, MERCYFUL FATE, GORGOROTH, MESHUGGAH, DRAIN S.T.H., KING DIAMOND and we want every fan to know that what they experience at a HAIL! concert will never happen again. We will continue to keep it fresh and exciting and playing with Paul will certainly do that.”

Bostaph shared his excitement, “To play with Tim, Andreas and Dave?  Talk about an honor, these guys are metal gods!  I thought it was super cool when I first heard about HAIL! and what they were doing. Now to be a part of it is amazing.  I’m really looking forward to it and can’t wait.”

HAIL! plans to announce more tour dates shortly.  Stay tuned.

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