David Ellefson's Rock Shop - Episode 20 Building Your Music Industry Team

Rock House Instructor David Ellefson has just come out with a new episode of his ever popular web video series Rock Shop. In this, the 20th installment, the heavy metal bassist talks about building a music industry team for you and/or your band.

David hits on three main areas of the team and explains what their rolls should be for you and what you should expect from them. The manager, who will be there to help Improve the profile of your band and help improve your profit. The Booking Agent, who will find opportunities to perform for you and the attorney, who will look over and review legal aspects and contracts of the music business for you.

You can catch up on the series by searching here on the blog for Rock Shop, or you can simply head on over to Davids' You Tube page at http://www.youtube.com/user/davidellefson

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