Gus G. of Firewind - Summer ’09 Recap

Rock House Instructor/Artist Gus G. of Firewind recently posted an update on his web site (www.myspace.com/gusgofficial) about his '09 summer adventures. On the site he writes.

FIREWIND mastermind Gus G. will perform for the 2nd time with the ultimate Rock Icon, Ozzy Osbourne on Saturday, September 12th @ the Sunset Strip Music Festival in Los Angeles, California! Furthermore, the sensational guitar talent has checked in with the following recap of all the FIREWIND activity during the past months and more:

“Summer of 2009 is gone and we"ve just returned from the last festival show of the season! I must say that we had some really great shows this summer and Ilha do Ermal in Portugal was one of the best for us!

It felt nice to return to Portugal (first time was in 2007) and see so many of our friends and fans! We even did an encore, usually that doesn"t happen in a festival situation, but this time it worked out since people kept screaming for more and wouldn"t let us leave the stage!

Looking back now most of the shows were highlights. We"re still amazed by the reception we got on our first trip to Turkey @ Unirock festival, the "dream come true" gig by supporting the Scorpions @ Greece"s Creta Festival (and me jamming w/ the Scorps later that night!), the completely packed 15.000 capacity tent @ Graspop and our glorious return to Finland @ the fantastic Tuska festival!

Then of course there were the German shows. I"m glad we did both Rock Hard & Summer Breeze festival - my personal favourite being Rock Hard (such a great vibe in Gelsenkirchen!).

In between the festival madness, something truly unbelievable happened to me: I played a show with the Godfather of heavy metal - Ozzy Osbourne! I spent the best time of my life in L.A., rehearsing with Ozzy and his band and on August 22nd we played the Blizzcon video game convention in Anaheim, CA as most of you probably know by now. It would be stupid to go on about how cool and great this was - I don"t think these feelings & this experience can not be described with just a few words!

We are aware that this has caused lots of our fans wondering about the future of FIREWIND. No need to worry about anything boys & girls, FIREWIND is stronger than ever and we"re entering the studio @ the end of September to record our 6th studio album. We still don"t have a title for it, but we do have 12 brand new Metal tunes that we"re VERY proud of!!!

In time we"ll keep you updated with the recording process, reveal some song titles and hopefully show you some videos from the studio.

Stay tuned & Stay Metal!

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