Favored Nations Rob Balducci - Lick Of The Week, Track # 4 The Essence from Violet Horizon

This new Lick Of The Week is Track #4 " The Essence" from Rob Balducci's new CD Violet Horizon. 

The Favored Nations and Rock House Artist/Instructor said on his You Tube Site "The inspiration behind this track is basically "The Essence" of our being our soul!. What makes each one of us special and unique, this can range from our personalities to our upbringing and how we view the world. The things we hold most important and closest to our hearts".

Rob uses a Ibanez RG LAC Green " Sleestack Prestige running into a pedal board and plugged into his Cornford MK 50 11 and my Cornford 4 x 12 cabs.

For the entire story on the LOTW check out Robs You Tube Space at http://www.youtube.com/RobBalducci


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