Bobby Thompson of Job For A Cowboy-Guitar Lesson on Dark, Daunting & Diminished Metal Guitar

By adding hardcore and grind into the mix, JFAC have found a unique sound that keeps the crowd very active and listeners full of energy. Their songs are full of twisting guitar lines accented with heavy chugging. The guitar, bass, and drums seem to sync together with perfection to create a heavy unity. Lead guitarist Bobby Thompson is great at putting minor triads together symmetrically to make diminished harmonies that give their songs a real bone-chilling vibe.

In this lesson, I want to go through a section inspired by the main triad riff from the song “Bearing the Serpent’s Lamb” from their CD Genesis. This song is in dropped-Bb tuning (See the lesson “Dark Tunings That Rule Metal Music” for a more detailed explanation of this and other alternate tunings.)

Click On the tabs to make them bigger and clearer.

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