The Weekend Read ofr August 23rd - 29th

Put your reading glasses on it's going to be a long day. The blog roll of The Rock House Blog had some great articles posted last week. I found some good interviews, news, lessons and just some plain old good articles. Enough to keep you busy for a while anyways.

Truth In Shredding - As one competition draws to a close so another one opens...COMPETITION: Music Box jam track with cool prizes

The Fifth Fret - When you start out playing guitar, there always seems to be the guitar you’re always looking at...The First Attack of G.A.S.

Street Musician - One thing that really bugs me about myself is my ability to get drawn into a new task...Whatever You Do - Don't Stop Playing

Strat-O-Blogster - Frank Verrilli is a high end artist-- painter & sculptor, with a variety of works exhibited around the world...Verrilli Spiral Guitar - A Strat for Friday #138

Not Playing Guitar - Are you struggling to get your guitar progress into gear...Learn Guitar: 5 Ways to Deal With Stuck Progress

Guitar Noize - Check out this trailer for a new feature documentary premiering at film festivals this spring and summer...60 foot electric guitar tower

Guitar Answers - Here are a few tips from Fender on setting up your Fender guitar...Tips From Fender On Setting Up Your Guitar

Cameron Mizell - Are people supposed to know how to listen to your music if you don’t tell them?...Stating the Obvious

Double Bass Blog - In 2008, I wrote a book titled Road Warrior Without an Expense Account detailing my experiences as a freelance musician...Life After Music School – PDF booklet

I Heart Guitar - Ron Thal, better known as Bumblefoot, is a busy dude right about now....INTERVIEW: Bumblefoot

Jason Shadrick - Guitarist - I created a few worksheets for my students to help them learn some different voicings for major, dominant and minor seventh chords.  These were the most downloaded worksheets from my last blog and I thought it would be useful to post them here again...Chord Voicings Worksheets and Lesson Openings

The Classical Guitar Blog - James Piorkowski is a performer and composer based in New York. He has toured internationally as a soloist and chamber musician, and has recorded several albums. In addition to his performance activities, James is an active teacher and runs the SUNY Fredonia guitar program...An Interview with James Piorkowski, part 1

Have a rockin' weekend

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