The Weekend Read for August 1st - August 7, 2009

Interesting reads this week. Enough to take up some serious time anyways.

I think I'll keep the glasses....they'll work good when playing the ZZ Top cover Cheep Sunglasses. :~)

JemSite - There are lots of ways to learn guitar without having your guitar to hand...Learn Guitar Songs Faster

Guitar Noize - TC Electronic Nova Drive NDR-1 Review

Guitar Player Zen - Have you ever tried taking guitar lessons and ended up quitting in frustration, because you felt you weren’t making enough progress? 3 Reasons Why You May Not Be Getting Big Results From Taking Guitar Lessons

iTalkGuitar blog- While I was working for Guitarist magazine, we coined the expression 'Guitar Voodoo' for when we thought a manufacturer was, shall we say, trying to push things a little with his claims...Voodoo...

Japan Guitar Journies - I decided to kind of do a comparison of a superstrat and a Strat...What Makes A Superstrat So Super?

Not Playing Guitar - Here's a selection of activities you can perform to get started with guitar improvisation...Guitar Improvisation: A Kick Start Guide

Alex Skolnick's Blog - It was the early 80's when I first became aware of Jimi Hendrix...Jimi Vs Eddie 

Strat-O-Blogster Guitar Blog - The pickup Shaman of Sydney recently listed this set of Sky Church inspired A5 scatterwounds...Slider's Classic Vintage 69's "Woodstocks" Pickups

The Rock House Blog - Guitar terminology, now there's a topic that we all seem to know something about. But, I have found that sometimes people get confused about what a certain part is, or what it does...Guitar Terminology - The Basics

Thumbrella - Words To A Void - There's been a lot of online press about this new Marshall amp this week...New Marshall Class 5 Amp

Truth In Shredding - Shred videos til they come out your *$$ - Truth In Shredding   and COMPETITION: Shred this!
Guitar Noize - Summer NAMM: Videos of the new Mad Professor Old School 21 Amp

i heart guitar -  So Rolling Stone has put together another one of those lists that make guitar players angry...
FEATURE: My response to Rolling Stone's Greatest 100 Guitar Songs

Classical Guitar Blog - I think many beginning players (including myself!) get really caught up in doing things right when they should really be just doing something...Intellectual vs. Actual Technique

Have a Rockin' weekend


Gary Fletcher said...

Hi Curt,
Glad to see RHB back again and thanks for the shout out. Love the glasses... :-)


sarge1875 said...

Thanks for stopping by Gary. It's good to be back in the saddle again.