Rob Balducci - Lick of The Week 08-17-09

Favored Nations artist and Rock House Instructor Rob Balducci posted up a new lick of the week on You Tube. This weeks lick comes from his new CD Violet Horizons and is a preview of one of the self titles track on the CD.

Rob goes on to say on  his you tube site "I am using my Ibanez RGA LACS guitar. I nicked named this guitar Violet Horizon. I am running into my Cornford MK50 11 using George L's cables and running into my pedal board. I have in the effects loop a Maxon AD999 pro delay" .

This is a Favored Nations release and can be purchased worldwide digitally on Itunes, amazon and other download sites. Links can be found at www.robbalducci.com/store as well.

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freddy1955 said...

Nice video - reminds me of Steve Vai.