Rob Arnold of Chimaira's New Band - The Elite

Rob Arnold has a new side project with a new band called The Elite. But don't worry all you Chimaira fans, Rob is still playing and hitting the road with his main band. 

The Rock House Instructor explains "I'm having an "affair" with The Elite, and in no way do I want to keep it a secret!! While naturally I'm handling the guitar duties, Buffalo, NY native, TJ Frost (ex-Baphomet, Stemm) brutalizes the microphone, So-Cal drummer Austin D'Amond (Bleed the Sky) crushes the drums in a way NEVER heard before, and fellow Clevelander Mike Drury (Ohio Sky, ex-Sanctum), dumps a load of low end with his bass guitar. To say the least, the songs on our debut "World War 3 EP" are PUNISHING!

Punishing is exactly what it is, I checked out their my space site.....all I can say is the music is bruital and full of hard hitting beats, rhythms, leads and vocals.

Check out this fantastic sounding band @ www.myspace.com/theelite .......Ear plugs required. 

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