Oli Herbert of All That Remains Guitar Video/Tab Lesson - Using Harmonic Minor and Diminished Scales on “Chiron”

For those that may not know, Oli Herbert has a BA in music and when he plays you can tell he’s not afraid to draw on what he’s learned and apply advanced music theory and techniques. His vast array of exotic scales—Hungarian minor, harmonic minor, diminished, etc.—as well as complex soloing techniques and rhythmic variations, elevate him above many metal guitarists. When not touring, he often mentors guitarists from other popular metal bands.

In this lesson we’ll look at a part inspired by the solo on All That Remains’ “Chiron.” This solo is a great example of using harmonic minor and diminished scales with highly advanced picking sequences. Note: Herbert tunes down a step and a half for this song. Play through the entire solo and then we’ll break it down and analyze its construction.

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