FREEKBASS - Concert Review

FREEKBASS, The Rock House's resident funk and soul bass man just wrapped up Tabfest. The festival is located in the backwoods of a rural north-west Ohio town and had some of the hottest acts around entertain for the weekend.

Cincy Groove Magazine writer Danielle Look was there to take in the festival and it sounds like she had a blast watching Freekbass. She wrote a colorful review that I really enjoyed reading. 

Here's excert of her review for The Freekbass / Tobotius show:

.....Within minutes, the cape was gone, eliminating any restrictions the costume might have imposed. The next two hours would prove to be a blur of bass-heavy instrumentals, clever raps, and groovy dancing. Interludes caused The Freek’s bottom lip to pucker, nearly creating a soured look on his face, as he slapped his guitar strings and rocked his entire body to the ear candy he was creating. Mid-show, Tobotius stepped away from his station, tambourine in hand, to join T Sly and Freekbass at the front of the stage. Without warning, they unleashed a choreographed set of dance moves as fans screamed in ecstasy and euphoria fueled their movements....

To read the entire review go to http://www.cincygroove.com/?q=node/1389

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