The Weekend Read for Guitar - June 7th through June 12th

The weekend read is all about other good sites that have some articles, hints, tips, lessons and sometimes just plain old good reading that the Rock House readers may be interested in taking a look at.

This just is not your ordinary read :~)

Jem Site - All you need to work on your guitar skills is your mind... Learn Without Guitar: Think About Music--A Lot!

Dy-sphoric - Just a few of the 20 ways, that I can help myself, to stay motivated with the guitar... Never, never, never, never give up. - Winston Churchill  and one I missed last week that I thought was a good read - So, this is not really about the guitar but it is about music... SAVE FREE RADIO!

Guitar Lifestyle - Some guitarists decry guitar tablature... Guitar Tablature: Evil, Great, or Somewhere in Between?

Guitar Noize - It has been literally a million years since I featured a crazy guitar on Guitar Noize... Surfboard Guitar or Guitar Surfboard?

Not Playing Guitar - When you begin guitar you can obtain a better sound and make your songs sound more interesting by improving your guitar strumming skills... 3 Steps to Better Guitar Strums

SkolNotes - Thought I'd share these two metal quotes I came across... Great Metal Quotes

Strat-O-Blogster - Aftermarket pickups have been a vigorous industry for over 3 decades, and the age of the "pickup guru" is nothing new... Custom Guitar Pickup Renaissance Only Beginning?

The Fifth Fret - How a Squier Classic Vibe Telecaster became a hot rod Esquire tone monster on a budget... The Story of Triple Seven

The Freekbass Blog Alert - Ok, seriously I got caught up in watching this... VIDEO - Freekbass, 5.24.09, Hookahville 31

I Heart Guitar - One of my favourite tricks for getting a Zappa-esque guitar sound is to construct a virtual amp and effects rig in a software modeller... LESSON: How to sound like Frank Zappa

Jason Shadrick - Guitarist - Steve Vai will be appearing at our Rock Summit in Purchase, NY during the week of July 19-24... Steve Vai appearing at National Guitar Workshop Rock Summit

John Horn - Guitarist - Looking forward to teaching at NGW this summer. I’ll be at the Chicago and DC Campuses. – John... National Guitar Workshop Gears Up for 25th Season

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