Rusty Cooley Updates and News

News from Rock House Instructor Rusty Cooley via his My Space Page @ http://www.myspace.com/rustycooley

Rusty has a new audio interview with Becker, Cooley, Loomis, Kotzen and Jon5 at http://www.protonepedals.com/roundtable.html conducted by Dennis Mollan of Protone Pedals.

Here's a direct link to a recent radio interview with Rusty by Mark Pruett on Black Night Meditations on WSCA 106.1 FM http://bnm.podomatic.com/entry/2009-05-28T11_02_50-07_00

Rusty is featured on the celebrity section of www.labrada.com. Rusty and world famous body builder and founder of Labrada Nutrition, Lee Labrada have been swapping secrets. Lee is helping Rusty get ripped and Rusty is helping Lee to shred on the guitar.

Well as you all know Rusty has been a big fan of Affliction Clothing and as a result of constantly showing off his "Affliction Attire" live and in photo shoots Affliction has gone the extra mile and has given Rusty the ultimate SWEET hook up! Special thanks to Pamela and everyone at Affliction for making the coolest clothes! Check 'em out www.afflictionclothing.com.

The new Sean Bake Orchestra CD "Bakers Dozen" will be released on Lion Music June 19th, 2009. Rusty plays two solos on the song Verbal Skillz. Other guest soloist's include ex Racer-X guitarist - Bruce Bouillett and Joe Stump.

* "The Butcher" received "Instrumental of the week" on Rocktopia, a radio program in Spain.
* The import version of Rusty's Signature 7-string the RC7X is now shipping http://www.deanguitars.com.
* The Dean RC7 USA is now available in 4 or more colors check it out at www.deanguitars.com.
* Rusty is now officially endorsing Peavey Amplificatin. Look for full page advertisements in "Guitar World" and other magazines coming soon.

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