5 Most Popular Rock House Blog Articles For May

Another month has passed us by, no doubt it's hard for some of our readers to get here every day. No worries though. I've kept track of the 5 most popular articles on the Rock House Blog for May of 2009.

1. Living Colours Vernon Reid's specially designed Parker Fly Deluxe ... Guitar great Vernon Reid's specially designed Fly Deluxe

2. Free eBook on Music Theory ... Basic Music Theory, The 1st Eddition.

3. Guitar Lesson - Kiko Loureiro's Signature Arpeggio Scale Patterns ... In this segment I want to highlight a unique way that Kiko uses triads to form leads and melodies instead of scales. He views the neck slightly different then most guitarists, this helps him cross genres and still have his own sound.

4. Multi Position Pentatonic Lead Patterns - Guitar Lesson ... In this lesson I am going to teach you five minor pentatonic scale lead patterns then we will put them into a three note sequence.

5. 11 Guitar Woods You Should Know ... It occurred to us at about beer 3 how maybe we should have thought about the wood of the guitar.

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