Make a Video With All That Remains, Win an MTV Video Music Award

News from ATL: http://www.allthatremainsonline.com/

Want a chance to win a MTV Moonman AT THE MTV VMA’s!?

All you have to do is upload a video of you playing along to one of 3 ATR songs on Rock Band: This Calling, Two Weeks, or Chiron. Make sure to incorporate the Rock Band video game into your video (screen shots, you playing along with the controller, etc.). For a cool sample go here:


Keep in mind they’re looking for creativity, so for your best chance to win don’t just upload footage of you playing the game, get original! We’ll harness the ATR community to get behind any finalists for voting, plus you’ll win an autographed guitar, an iPod with all of ATR’s music, and a congratulatory phone call from the band!

Go here for details and to upload your video: http://pepsi.yahoo.com/rockband/index.php

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