ESP Guitars - Hot New Models Coming This Fall

I was pokin' around last night and found this at ESP's website. Some of the most killer looking guitars I've seen in a while.

According to the news I read ESP says, "You ask, we listen. You’ve been asking us for new ESP models. Well, ESP fans, today is your day. Get out your pens and paper, because it’s time to make your wish list".

The Total Eclipse
We’ve added a couple of new Eclipses to the ESP line. First, check out the Eclipse-II Vibrato. This is an instant classic. It’s everything you want in a classic rock guitar. The vintage black finish, the Bigsby B7 vibrato, Seymour Duncan JB and 59 pickups, Gotoh tuners and bridge, all gold hardware, and awesome body/headstock binding give this guitar the look and feel of a collector’s model from the day you take it home.

Need a little more modern Eclipse? Jump into the new Eclipse-II FR! Yes, FR stands for Floyd Rose. This is your classic single cutaway guitar with a black finish, black nickel hardware, EMG pickups and, of course, loaded with a Floyd Rose locking trem.

Seven, Seven
ESP has also expanded our seven string line with two sweet new guitars. The Horizon NT-7 and Viper-7 are both great additions for ESP. The new Horizon NT-7 features an alder body, maple neck thru body design, ebony fretboard, 24 XJ frets and EMG 707 active pickups. The Viper-7 offers a time honored design in a seven string format and features a mahogany body, mahogany neck, ebony fingerboard, EMG pickups and a beautiful black satin finish.

Rising From the Ashes
Here’s something you don’t get everyday: a new ESP shape. Introducing the Phoenix-II, which is available in both bass and guitar forms. This instrument screams coolness, and is available in two finishes for both the guitar and the bass. You can get the Phoenix-II guitar in black w/white pickguard or white with black pickguard. Despite its classic styling, this is a high performance ESP, with a neck-through-body design, maple neck with ebony fingerboard, 22 XJ frets and Seymour Duncan JB and 59 pickups. 

The Phoenix-II bass has a very cool vibe and also uses a neck thru design. EMG active pickups complete this sweet bass, which comes in a black or two tone sunburst finish.

The ESP EX/EXP models have been the source of some great music in the past. Down through its development, this model has been the favorite of many great players including James Hetfield of Metallica. Well it’s time to bring the EX back into the ESP family! The new ESP EX comes in the classic 24.75” scale and features a mahogany body, maple neck and rosewood fretboard and EMG 81 and 60 pickups. Black nickel Gotoh tuners and bridge look sweet on the black finish.

Now, take that same guitar, beef it up with an anodized aluminum diamondplate body shield and you have the EX Diamond Plate! This guitar is so metal, it’s actually made from metal…at least the top, anyway.
If you’re into the EX shape and a natural finish, check out the ESP FX. It’s a natural mahogany-finished guitar in the EX body style, with the headstock shape from our F series. It features Sperzel locking tuners, a Gotoh bridge, and those amazing EMG 81/60 active pickups.

Attack of the Killer V’s
Saving the best for last? We hope you’ve been paying attention so far, because here’s some big news. Let’s start out with the ESP SV-II. This guitar has acquired legendary status over the years, and it’s now available in the USA. The SV-II has a lightweight alder body, a maple neck with ebony finger board, Gotoh tuners and an original Floyd Rose bridge. Powered by EMG 81 (bridge and neck) pickups and with a killer urban camo finish, this is a guitar for serious rock.

Next up is the NV. A straight cut symmetrical V, the NV looks great in both Snow White and Black Satin finishes, along with its iron cross-shaped fretboard inlays. This guitar also features a USA Kahler 2315 trem, a smooth maple neck-thru-body design, ebony fretboard, Gotoh tuners, 24 XJ frets and EMG 81 pickups.
Finally, rounding out hot new releases, we are happy to announce the release of the V-II. Available in black, the V-II gives a menacing feel with its neck-thru design. The mahogany body along with the maple neck and ebony fingerboard, gives you the perfect combination of lows and mids with just enough highs to cut through the mix. The Gotoh TOM bridge and Magnum Lock tuners work well with the string-thru-body setup and the EMG 81 pickups to make this the hardtail V you have always wanted.

You ask and we listen. Go check them out at your authorized ESP dealer this fall.

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freddy said...

I really like the ESP guitar line. The models with USA pickups and tuners are the best I think. Axemusic, here in Edmonton, is Canada's largest ESP dealer and I love checking out their inventory.