David Ellefsons ROCK SHOP - Making a Recording Part 4

In part 4 of David Ellefsons ROCK SHOP, the Rock House Instructor/Artist brings some serious and straight up advice on making your recording. This particular part of the series has 4 Parts to it. Be sure and check them all out so you don't miss a beat on the ins and outs of recording.

I really like the way David just puts it out there in plain language and tells how to get things up and going when recording. A great service from a real veteran rocker.

I missed the first 3 parts of this last week so here they are to get everyone up to speed.

To catch up on other parts of the series you can check out Davids You Tube site http://www.youtube.com/davidellefson or you can check out all the other Rock Shop videos right here on the Rock House Blog.
Fundamentals of Recording With David Ellefson - Part 1

Fundamentals of Recording With David Ellefson - Part 2

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