Roland U.S. Holds First Ever Atelier Organ Fest

In their continuing mission to promote the hobby of organ playing, Roland Corporation U.S. held their first ever Atelier® Organ Fest, which culminated in a final showcase of the country’s best organ talent in the National Finals on March 27, 2009, in Los Angeles, California.

Regional Roland Atelier Organ Fest events were held at select Roland organ dealers across the country in the fall of 2008. Dealers hosted these local events in their community, giving hobbyist players, students and professionals an opportunity to share their musical talents.

With the first round of Atelier Fests completed, many local winners jetted off to Orlando to compete in the National Semi-finals. Competitors participated in one of four different divisions: Professional, Advanced Hobbyist, Hobbyist, Youth 1 and Youth 2. The top winners in each category advanced to the National Finals in Los Angeles.

Finalists performed on Roland’s flagship AT-900 Atelier Organ for a live audience. They were then critiqued by a panel of expert judges, including organ virtuoso Hector Olivera, concert artist Rosemary Bailey, and expert clinician and performer Debbie Culbertson Skinner.

Winners included Jeff Buchholz from California in the Hobbyist division, Mark Cammuso from Florida in the Advanced Hobbyist division, Riley Dunn from Missouri in the Youth 1 division, Brent Evangelista from California in the Youth 2 division, and Stan Koyama from Florida in the Professional division.

“We are thrilled at the success of the first annual Atelier Organ Fest,” says Lynda Smith, Manager of Business Development. “This event gives organ enthusiasts a new outlet to express their love of organ music and to share their talents. Teachers are now more involved in coaching their students on repertoire and working together to create arrangements that highlight the wonderful sounds and styles of the Music Atelier.”

Roland is currently gearing up for the second annual Atelier Organ Fest, and will expand the scope of regional events. For more information on becoming a participating dealer in Roland Atelier Organ Fest 2009-10, please contact Lynda Smith at 323-890-3773.

For more information, visit http://www.RolandUS.com.

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