New CYBORG™ Digital Distortion by Rocktron

Rocktron releases their new CYBORG™ Digital Distortion stomp box.


• Eight presets include Edgy Coils, Dirty, Austin, Crunch, Corrosive, Stack, Rectified and Armageddon. Choose a different distortion voicing for each CRUNCH and SOLO mode per preset. Both CRUNCH and SOLO sub presets may be programmed independently. Cyborgs offer instant preset recall and you can scroll and recall presets using on board foot switches or by using the preset knob.

• Rocktron's Patented HUSH Noise Reduction is included. Use the HUSH to eliminate distortion noise even at extremely high gain settings.

• The Cyborg Digital Distortion offers TRUE BYPASS. (Bypass all digital processing via PGA).

• As with all Rocktron Cyborg pedals, the Cyborg Digital Distortion is fully MIDI programmable and controllable.

• A Rocktron MIDI BREAKOUT CABLE helps provide complete access to the MIDI IN/MIDI OUT/THRU functions of your CYBORG. You can use any Rocktron MIDI controller including the All Access, MIDI Mate, MIDI XChange or even a PC to change presets and access any of the Cyborg parameters using standard MIDI continuous controller messages.

More info at http://www.rocktron.com/frameset1.html

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