Hot 100 50th Anniversary Songbook - Alfred Music Publishing

Commemorating the 50th anniversary of Billboard magazine’s globally influential Hot 100 chart, Alfred Music Publishing, a leading provider of high-quality music products since 1922, is thrilled to release the Billboard Magazine Hot 100 50th Anniversary Songbook. Boasting more than 250 pages of sheet music by hit makers from Chubby Checker, the Beatles, and Mariah Carey to Timbaland and OneRepublic, this massive songbook is a valuable collectible—a summation of 50 years of pop culture for music makers from every generation to enjoy, complete with fun and informative facts about each of the 50 all-time hits it contains.

Billboard Magazine has tracked pop songs and ranked them for more than 50 years on their "Hot 100"—a weekly list that has the ability to make or break an artist’s career. To mark their 50th anniversary of the chart, Billboard produced the "All-Time Hot 100," a definitive list of the biggest songs ever spanning these five decades. The songbook contains a cross-section of songs and artists that exemplify the array of landmark musical styles that emerged during these exciting times.

The piano/vocal/guitar edition is available for only $24.95. For novice pianists, an abridged “Easy Piano” edition is available for just $17.95, containing 20 simplified hits skillfully arranged by renowned piano educator Dan Coates to make the songs easier to play, yet still sound impressive. Pick up your copies at a local music retail store, or buy them today at www.alfred.com.

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