Guitar Lick Challenge - Legato Madness


There are 4 audio tracks available for download that go with this lesson. See full track listing at the end of the lesson.

This one is for all you shredder’s out there. This lick is a personal favorite of mine. I came up with this lick a few years back and use it as a warm everyday. This lick is a full on legato shred run. Legato is a technique where we use techniques such as; hammer-ons and pull-offs and tapping instead of the pick to create a smooth slur like quality to the notes. The notes are sounded without the use of picking but by the strength of your fingers. Using legato gives a somewhat of a violin quality to your lines.

The points of interest to note in the tab are where the picking is and is not as well as where the slides occur. Notices that the lick begins with a down pick (see symbol above fingering) then there are two hammer-ons before you use an up pick on the fifth string. Now watch at the end of the first stave, once you play the upstroke with your pick on the seventh fret on the first string, there is no more picking until the end of the lick until you hit the E5 power chord with a down stroke. The audio files may come in handy on this one!!!!
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The Downloadable Audio Track Listing:

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1. Guitar Tuning Notes
2. “Legato Madness” Guitar Lick Challenge
3. Legato Madness Example Track
4. Legato Madness Play Along Track

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