Freekbass and Tobotius - Collaberate on New project

This exciting duo is the micro-project for 6 time Cincinnati Entertaiment Award winner Freekbass, who tag teams with world famous DJ and producer Tobotius. Both artists are well known throughout the Jam, Electronic, and hard core musician worlds. 

Freekbass brings his funky style and national history of playing festivals, clubs and colleges from coast to coast. Tobotius brings his style and history of producing and playing with the likes of funk master Bootsy Collins, alien guitarist Buckethead, and drummer Brain. Those four musicians have their own band called Science Faxtion which has gained national prominence. 

Check Freekbass and Tobotius at http://www.myspace.com/freekbassandtobotius

Photo by Scott Preston at http://www.cariboustudios.com

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