COB's Alexi Laiho - One Dedicated Guitarist

Alexi Laiho is one dedicated guitarist. Getting injured, breaking bones and a bump on the head will not keep the RH Instructor from completing his tour with Lamb of God. In a note on their web site http://www.cobhc.com/ Alexi wrote.

"Four nights ago I fell out of my bunk in the tour bus and came down pretty damn hard as the driver was taking a sharp turn. It turns out I have a broken shoulder as well as internal bleeding.

I am going through a great deal of pain every second that I am awake. However, I can still play the guitar and I will give everything I have to try to finish this tour and play every remaining show!

I would just like to apologize in advance for not being able to move around or sing with my full power at all times and I hope the COB fans understand. What can I say? I’m jinxed! End of story. See you out there."


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