The Weekend Read for March 27th through April 3rd

It's time for your weekend read! Some pretty cool stuff from our list of other cool sites.

I first wanted to say congaratulations to Tom Gary who writes The Blues Historian Blog. He is celebrating year number 2 as a blogger. Tom started the blog off as a way to teach blues history to my college students, but now it is more a blues news gathering site. Check his site http://bluesman2001.blogspot.com

Guitar Answers - Here is a quick music fact....did you know you can change your tone and sound just by the pick you use? Quick Music Fact...Picks And Tone

Guitar Flame - Honestly I amused myself watching this Funny Metallica Clip With Kirk Hammett Trying To Learn A Song

Not Playing Guitar - This week's lesson continues our series on bass runs over open chords. Bass Run on I-IV-V Chord Progression

Strat-O-Blogster - If you do nothing else today, PLEASE click the TGC link and watch the three Youtube clips; each between 8-10 minutes long. Scott sets the priorities straight on learning and teaching guitar, so whether you're giving or receiving guitar instruction, this interview is for YOU, which pretty much covers all of us! Guitarist Scott Henderson Interview Video Gets Into It!

The Freekbass Blog - *Freekbass* wil be on the News 5 TV show *"Sports Rock"* with *Ken Broo* & *George Vogel* this *Sunday, April 5 *(Opening Day Eve). Freekbass on 'Sports Rock' (PHOTOS by Scott Preston)

Have a rockin' weekend



Amberleigh said...

I love the blog! Great idea behind it.

sarge1875 said...

Thank You for the kind words!