The Weekend Read for April 3rd - 10th

One thing I really enjoy is digging through all the blogs listed in our link of "Other Cool Sites". Below are some of the reads I liked and want to pass onto you readers. I encourage everyone to check out the sites in the "Other Cool Sites" list.

If you have a music instrument related  blog and would like to be listed, leave a comment so we can make arrangements to get you listed.

Anyways here's the Weekend Read.

Blues Historian - Top 50 Southern Soul, Rhythm & Blues Albums Deep Soul.....April Blues Charts From Blues Critic Media

JemSite -  At the beginning of this year, I made a commitment to play guitar every day. It wasn't exactly a New Year's resolution.....How To Get More Time For Guitar

Dy-sphoric -  Today I received an email from Jimmy Alford @theperfectguitar.com and it was on "Pickup Adjustment"...You learn something new everyday... 

Guitar Answers - Here is a jump start or quick music fact,on figuring out chords in songs...Quick Music Fact...Figuring Out Chords To Songs

Guitar Noize -  I’ve been linking to the excellent MusicRadar.com a lot recently...Chickenfoot’s world-exclusive podcast interview

Not Playing Guitar - This article shows beginner guitar players the 12 bar blues progression and how to play it with simple open position blues chords...Easy Beginner Blues Chords

Strat-O-Blogster - Tonepedia is an interesting new resource website for guitar gear freaks...Tonepedia- Interactive Guitar & Gear Tone Sharing Network Site?

Street Musician - Standing or Sitting...Play Your Guitar Standing

Truth In Shredding - I was really looking forward to seeing Mattias IA Ekklundh with Shred Junior Senior...Mattias IA Ekklundh: musikmesse, a shrine to tapped harmonics

Have a Rockin' Weekend

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