The Weekend Read for April 10th - April 18th

I'm a day late with this but it's definitely not a dollar short. Some great reads from The Rock House Blog friends.

JemSite - At the beginning of this year, I made a commitment to play guitar every day...How To Get More Time For Guitar

Dy-sphoric - Why am I searching for things rather than practicing? Guitar Practice Motivation

Guitar Answers - Lets talk about a DIY guitar,or build your own guitar...Build Your Own...Guitar Kits

Not Playing Guitar - Your first steps on guitar usually involve strumming simple open chord arrangements of songs...3 Ways to Spice Up Beginner Chords

SkolNotes - This month finds yours truly on the cover of the Guitar Center catalog...Guitar Center

Strat-O-Blogster - I'm gonna start playing blindfolded...Blindfolded Guitar Playing - Out of the Box!

Street Musician - Changing Root Positions and Keys...Minor Scale Runs : Changing Root Positions and Keys

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