Vote for Rock House Artists and Instructors Nominated for Hammer Golden God 2009 Awards

There are several Rock House Instructors and Artists that have been nominated for The Hammer Golden God 2009 Awards. The big date is June 15th which leaves plenty of time to hit the Metal Hammer site and help these guys out by casting a vote for them. There appears to be no sign up, all you need to do is click the category and vote for your fav.

Rock House Artist and Instructors nominated are:

  • Best International band - Lamb of God
  • Shredder - Alex Skolnick and Eric Peterson - Testament
  • Shredder - Mark Morton and Willie Adler - Lamb of God
  • Breajthrough - All That Remains
Give 'em a click at http://goldengods.metalhammer.co.uk/

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