Peavey proudly announces that it has added the new PV® 15PM powered stage monitor and the PV® 118D powered subwoofer to its enduring PV® Series, the benchmark for performance and value in sound reinforcement products.

The Peavey PV 15PM is a two-way powered monitor system engineered with a bi-amplified class D power section that drives a 15" woofer with a 2 3/8” voice coil and a 1.4" titanium-diaphragm 14T™ compression driver with 200 watts total power. This high-speed amp topology yields the highest audio resolution and efficiency available, and combined with the woofer’s neodymium speaker magnet yields extra-light weight.

The PV 118D is a powered subwoofer engineered with a class D power section that drives an 18" woofer with 300 watts total power. The sub also includes a built-in fourth-order Linkwitz-Riley crossover (120 Hz), exclusive bass contour circuitry and Peavey’s proprietary DDT™ loudspeaker protection technology.

Both the PV 15PM and PV 118D include a Woofer Servo circuit that monitors the woofer’s back-EMF that is not a result of the drive signal, and compensates for the unwanted response in the amplified signal. The result is a well-controlled and precise sound with excellent low-end frequency handling. The Constant Loudness (Fletcher-Munson) circuit accentuates bass and treble frequencies at low listening volume levels on the PV 15 PM to provide additional clarity and perceived uniform sound reproduction across the volume spectrum.

The extensive Peavey PV Series product line includes every link in the audio chain, from loudspeakers, mixers and power amplifiers to processors, cables, microphones and accessories.
For more info check it out at  www.peavey.com

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