Marshall Introduces The Haze Series

Portable, pure valve, studio quality tone is what the brand new Haze Series is all about.The range has been designed with the gigging/semi-pro musician firmly in mind and takes inspiration from the live music and smokey atmosphere of intimate Blues/Jazz clubs. Loaded with natural valve tone, integrated effects and intuitive footswitching technology, the UK developed and engineered Haze Series takes your studio sound out on the road. No more compromising on tone over effects (or vise versa) and an end to jumping from FX pedal to FX pedal when your solo kicks in! Comprising the two channel Haze40 and Haze15, the series offers a rugged, gig-ready 40Watt combo and a peerless 15Watt head respectively. Combined with MHZ112A and MHZ112B speaker cabs, the Haze15 becomes the epitome of guitar amplification – a valve-driven Marshall stack, but one that fits easily into either the lounge or boot of the car.

ClassicTone, Contemporary Control The Haze15 contains three ECC83 preamp and two punchy 6V6 power amp valves, providing this two channel mini head with a pure-valve pedigree.

The two purpose built MHZ112A and MHZ112B speaker cabs have been designed specifically for the Haze15 head, not only in terms of size and style, but also in the sonic-conscious construction and speaker selection process. By calling on nearly half a century’s expertise in cabinet manufacture, these compact cabs are able to produce the thick bass and full mid-frequency response required. Both cabs come loaded with a 12" Celestion G12T-66 Marquee speaker, specifically developed for the Haze Series and capable of delivering the amp’s wide tonal range.

Included with both Haze amplifiers is a two-way footswitch, enabling quick channel changes and FX on/off toggling.

If you’ve been searching for a portable amplifier range that delivers on all tonal promises, then look no further than the Haze Series from Marshall, a truly versatile and dynamic blend of modern technologyand pure analogue heritage.

For more info go to http://www.marshallamps.com

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