5 Most Popular Rock House Blog Articles for March 2009

Another month has passed us by, no doubt it's hard for some of our readers to get her every day. No worries though. I've kept track of the 5 most popular articles on the Rock House Blog for March of 2009.

1. Me and the boys from Rock House put our thinking caps on and compiled a list of easy to learn songs that will challenge you but not make you want to throw your guitar in the fireplace as firewood with discouragement! 20 Songs Every Beginner Guitarist Should Know

2. In this lesson I am going to teach you five minor pentatonic scale lead patterns then we will put them into a three note sequence. Multi Position Pentatonic Lead Patterns - Guitar Lesson

3. In this lesson I’m going to take you through some background theory of the Harmonic minor scale. The Harmonic minor Scale - Guitar Lesson

4. Have you ever wondered why you play faster on certain guitars than others? Or why on some guitars you can bend easier? Or that some scales you mess up on all the time, seem easier on another guitar? If you have run across this; you are not alone, and there is a very simple answer. Fingerboard Radius. Fingerboard Radius Part 1

5. In this exercise we will be working on getting our fingers to move around the bass in a classically flavored example. Bass Finger Walking - Bass Guitar Lesson

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