The Weekend Read - Feb 27th - Mar. 5th

Another great week for the friends of The Rock House Blog. They banged out some cool stuff on their blogs. Take some time this weekend and check 'em out.

Acoustic Guitarist Blog - Over the years I’ve noticed that a lot of guitar players start playing, then they hit points in their life where other things take over...How to Get Back into Playing Guitar After You Forgot You Had One

This is a short tutorial which is easier than it may look to some players who can’t read music dots...How To Improvise on Guitar - Part 4

Blues Historian - Top 50 Southern Soul, Rhythm & Blues AlbumsSouthern Soul Singles/Song...Top 50 Soul And Blues March 2009

Jem Site - let us dive into the final topic of this series: Effects...Now What Is The Perfect Setup? (Part 3: Effects)

Guitar MX Blog - 6 Most Famous Guitar Injuries

Guitar Noize - That’s right you’re not seeing things, you are looking at a White Orange Amplifier...White Orange amps?

Guitar Flame - I was telling you about Line 6 and Ableton Live and my home recording experiences...About recording vocals

Not Playing Guitar - This post continues a series on beginner bass runs started last week...Open G and C Chord Chromatic Bass Run

Phil Bennett's Songwriter Blog - I once read an article that said it takes an average of 8 years to be successful as an artist or songwriter in Nashville...If it was easy...everyone would do it.

SkolNotes - Alex Skolnicks blog...E.S.T. R.I.P.

Strat-O-Blogster - Barry Wood's NAMM Oddities 2009 edition is now online...NAMM Oddities 2009 - Oddity of the Year

Street Musician - This song from Pink Floyd's - The Wall...Pink Floyd Finger Picking Lesson - Is There Anybody Out There ?

The Freekbass Blog Alert - *Freekbass* is one of the cover stories in the new issue of the Healthy Hippie Magazine...Freekbass cover story on the 'Healthy Hippie Magazine'

Have a rockin' weekend


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